9 weeks old

Hudson is 9 weeks old!  He continues to grow like a weed and at the rate he is eating I can't imagine it slowing down anytime soon.  He went to his two month check-up on Tuesday and he was 11lbs 4oz and 23 inches long.  The pediatrician was pretty impressed that he had moved from the 15th percentile to the 50th percentile in weight.  Overall it was a good visit.  Hudson seems to have reflux but we are going to try to hold off on the reflux meds because the pediatrician says he should grow out of it soon.  Because he has been so sick with the RSV we just did one oral vaccine at that visit and will be going back next week for two more shots :(  I dread it.  

Hudson's Uncle Ron came to visit from D.C. this week.  We now call him the "Baby Whisperer" because I think Hudson had a record "happy time" while sitting on his lap.  It might have been beginner's luck though!  It was a short visit but he will be back soon!

This week we are working on getting some more tummy time (which he hates) and work on taking a few naps (alone) during the day.  He really likes to sleep on mommy and although I LOVE to snuggle,  mommy really needs him to nap in his crib. :)  Unfortunately I think that sleeping through the night isn't happing anytime soon because Hudson just likes to eat way too much to sleep through a meal time.

I love the shirt but Hudson doesn't seem so sure about it ;)

Quality time with Uncle Ron

Caught another end of a smile

Burp time with Grandma.  He makes the funniest faces when he needs to burp.

He is tolerating laying on his back now so I am hoping he will learn to love tummy time too!


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