Guess who slept 9 hours last night....

This is him waking up happy to his new crib toy from Grandma.  He loves it.

Hopefully this wasn't a fluke and Hudson is starting to tell day from night.  When I woke up at 7 this morning I was a little freaked out because I couldn't remember waking up since I had gone to sleep at midnight.  When I walked over to his crib he was just wiggling around and happy as can be.  

Since we got some sleep last night we decided to go out and about today with Grandma and Aunt Bec Bec.  We went out to lunch, did some shopping and hung out at Aunt Becca's so he could be spoiled by Rebecca, Kate, and Leilah.

This is a picture for the records.  Leilah never holds babies because she is scared but my mom fixed that by pretty much forcing her to finally hold Hudson.  She did a great job and he really loved her!


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