11 weeks old

So I heard today that 12 weeks is the magic number for some babies to start sleeping a little better so I am keeping my fingers crossed. ;) He has started napping a little better this week but not long enough for me to get in any good naps.  Hopefully this will be the week of better napping and sleeping longer at night!  This weekend was beautiful here so we were able to get some fresh air and take a few walks.  If I am brave I might try to add a dog to the mix on one of our walks.  I feel so bad having to leave them in the house when I take him but I am not sure how to handle them all just yet.

I weighed him on Thursday and he was up to 13 lbs!  He seems to be getting interested in his hands more this week and trying hard to figure out how to grab the toys above him on his play mat.  He hits them a lot and sometimes grabs them on accident then can't figure out how it happened.  He has also started randomly laughing at his toys which is really cute.  I just wonder what he thinks is so funny about them at one moment verses another.  I love him :)

Favorite napping spot.  He has recently started kicking one leg out of the blanket during his naps.

 His attempt to hold his own bottle :)

Working on some neck control...he still HATES tummy time

His serious look and cute green tie for St. Patty's day

sweet boy!

I think these next few pics are just funny because from the angle that I took them from it looks like his head is so big and round for his little body.  Hudson the bobble head.

He is over my pictures of his tie

The shirt says it all.  The rolls in his legs show just what a good eater he is :)

 Today Hudson got to meet my dear friend and college roommate Klair. :)  This is her sweet dog (Helmut) trying to figure out Hudson.  He was very curious and really wanted Hudson to share his blanket with him.

I think he likes Klair :)


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