Colic, Reflux, and Gas, Oh My!

Now I know I usually try to only post happy pictures of my baby on here for everyone to see but recently this poor little guy seems to be having trouble with refux and gas and hasn't been the happiest baby.  I will just call it colic for now because I can't seem to make it better and lets just hope that all the books are right and that it usually gets better by 10-12 weeks.  When he smiles it makes up for all of the crying so here are cute pics I got while trying to catch his smile on camera.

I think he is going to have a dimple like mommy

Aunt Bec Bec, Scott, and Kate were sweet enough to watch Hudson while Zach and I got a much needed massage. Then we watched UNC beat Duke..Yay!!!  He was having such a good time that we decided to sleep over.  

This is what Hudson thinks of Duke

We had to arrange a Bed for Hudson since we didn't realize we were going to stay over.  He loved sleeping near his mommy and slept for 5 hours straight! (This is a LONG time for him)

Grandma and Hudson

Speaking of gas problems... I can't believe something so loud can come out of such a little body. Hudson was giving us lots of noises to laugh at which explains mom's face in the following pictures.


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