Long (Hot) Weekend In Texas

We just got back from our fun Memorial Day weekend in Texas.  We had a blast. We got to meet the newest cute family member Emmylou.  We helped Nana and Papa move into their new house and tried to beat the heat by staying indoors and swimming in the new pool!  

Hudson learned to blow bubbles in the water but we got the camera too late.  He was over it at this point but still loving the pool.  He really liked watching Kailee and Emma swim and having them "fetch" his toys that he would throw in the pool.

Dancing and swimming

Loving on the "Bebe".  Hudson was really sweet to his cousin Emmylou and was always worried about where she was if she wasn't in the room.  He liked to point out her nose and was a little concerned when she cried.  He was also very interested in where her "baba" was at all times.  He was not really a fan of mommy or daddy holding Emmylou.  Hopefully his feelings will change before October!

 Giving her a hug
Snuggling with Aunt Emma and Aunt Kailee

 Leading the way to the gate at the airport.  He was really good on the plane and as much I dislike watching  "The Wiggles"  I was very thankful for their extra long DVD on the plane ride. :)


rebecca said...

So much fun!! i know everybody was happy to see him :)

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