20 Months

Hudson turned 20 months old on August 27th.  Can't believe we are getting so close to 2!   Hudson continues to make us laugh everyday with his funny personality.  We are having to be more careful because he is repeating everything  we say.  He is much more opinionated about what he wants and is using his new found words to tell us.  He likes to request what he wants to eat for meals and snacks and has also decided that he needs to pick what color cup he drinks from.  He prefers to drink out of cups without tops or with a straw and this has resulted in a lot more messes to clean up.  Luckily, Hudson also enjoys cleaning up "messes".  He is what we have been up to this week:

 We made a few trips to Lowes and Hudson enjoyed the "blue car" cart.   He liked going fast down the aisles and yelling "beep beep"

 One of Hudson's favorite toys is a broom handle.  We have to take it outside every time we go out. Sometimes he likes the broom attached but really enjoys pretending that the stick is a vacuum, guitar, or walking stick.  He also enjoys chasing Angel and Wyatt around with his stick.

 He also likes to wear his new craft when he goes outside.  They are learning about butterflies at school this month and they made a little butterfly necklace.  He was pretty proud of it.

 Those curls are out of control again. 

 We tried to get out on the playground early on my day off this Thursday.  It was still way too hot to stay out long.

 Wonder what he was thinking when he gave me this look?

 Pouring dirt on his head.

 He is eating much better with his spoon and fork and seems to use his right hand as much as his left.  

 He looks like such a big boy when he lays down like this to draw or color.

 I was brave and took Hudson to the kids museum on Sunday by myself.  We had fun and both needed a nap when we got home.

 He loves dinosaurs these days.  One of his favorite books that we read at night is about dinosaurs go to bed.

 Driving the ambulance

 He has a love/hate relationship with the sirens.

 Playing in the vet area and loving on the injured dogs.  Taking after his mommy.

When we got into the kitchen area he announced that he wanted to cook eggs.  He was a little confused   that he could touch the stove and kept asking me if it was hot.  Guess I have drilled it in pretty good that  he can't be near the stove when I am cooking.


 Carrying all of his eggs

 Making his audiology mommy proud.  He loved the toy otoscope but not sure I would recommend putting it in water. :)

This video is a few weeks old.  We have seen a rabbit on the little walking trail a few times and now whenever we are walking he says "shhhh" because we told him that you have to be quiet to see the animals.  He does pretty well with the "shhh" part but then says "Hop, Hop!" really loud when we are looking for the rabbit.  Not a skilled hunter yet.

Just Hudson being silly before bed listening to one of his favorite Parmalee songs.  I fear that we might have a head banger on our hands.

Update on baby brother:  I am 35 weeks and at my last check-up the midwife said that she thought he had turned and is head down now.  I have already gained as much weight as I did when I had Hudson so I have a feeling this baby might be a little bigger than Hudson was.  Continuing to say my prayers for a easy delivery and a healthy baby in about a month!


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