First Trip to the Natural Science Center!

The weather here has been great in the mornings so my mom and I decided to take Hudson to the Natural Science center to see the animals that they have there.  This was his first trip (other than the aquarium) seeing real animals.  He loves to pretend that we are going to see animals on our walks at home but we rarely see anything other than a bird or butterfly.  Today he got to see meerkats, lemurs, monkeys, kangaroos, tigers, wolves, goats, sheep, alpaca, pigs, birds, turtles, alligators, fish, and dinosaurs!  He even sat through a 45 min interactive musical show about meerkats and seemed to have a great time. 

 I think he thought the huge dinosaur was cool but was a little nervous about the loud dinosaur noises that they had piped into the room.

 We were there early so he got to enjoy the kids play area with no interruption for awhile. 

 Stuffed raccoon was a little creepy but Hudson liked it.

 Watching the meerkats with Grandma. "Grandma" has been a hard word for him to say so sometimes he calls her "mom" because I think he hears me call her that but recently he started calling her "maw maw." It is pretty cute.

 This is the first time since he was about 5 months old that I have been successful in getting him to wear sunglasses in the sun.  Of course the ones that I brought with us were too big but he kept them on for most of the time we were in the sun!

 38 weeks!  This is about how far I made it last time with Hudson.  Although my body is killing me, I am hoping he waits another few weeks to make his arrival. 

 I thought a picture in front of the ears was appropriate for me.  :)

Hudson's first attempt to hit his baby brother with a stick. :)  At least it was a little one.

Hudson watching the Big Dinosaur.

Saying hey to the monkeys

He still loves playing the guitar and now usually tries to sing a song while he is playing.  It usually ends up being parts of all the different songs that he knows together.

This is a random one of Hudson before bed one night.  He is usually pretty hyper when he is actually tired so calming down for bed is sometimes tough for him.  He still loves the Zac Brown Band :) and anything with banjo type music.


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