Rainy Thursday

I have so much to get done before this baby comes!  I feel as big as a house right now and running errands with Hudson is not easy.  Mostly because he is so heavy and it is so hot getting him in and out of the car and the car seat.  I always have good intentions of getting things done on my "day off" but I am starting to realize that these are going to be the last few weeks that I have just spending time with Hudson.  I am trying to soak it all in.  I was a little relieved to have a rainy afternoon today.  It didn't make me feel as guilty for not running errands and for actually putting my feet up and taking a little cat nap when Hudson napped today.  We spent the afternoon playing around the house, dancing to music, drawing, and painting with water colors.

 Nice belly shot

 He really enjoyed just mixing all of the colors together. Unlike his mother, he does not seem to mind all of the colors looking like brown!  I remember always hating it when the black paint got into any of the other paints.  

 As you can see, Angel was close by due to the thunder that was going on during the painting.

 He likes to pretend that he is going to sleep on anything that looks like a mat.


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