Hudson In Action

Here are a few recent videos of Hudson doing some of his favorite things:

He loves playing with daddy because he does the fun stuff mom can't do right now.  In this video he loved it when Zach threw the ball really hard against the wall.  When it sounds like he is saying "ma ma please" this is actually him saying "more more please"  This is one of his favorite phrases.

I was trying to catch him on camera "reading" out loud but he always stops when I turn the camera on.
He really likes to read books and it amazes me how he remembers things about books even if we have only read it once or haven't read it in awhile.

I think I have mentioned before that Hudson loves to listen to Parmalee and one of his favorite songs is "Must of Had a Good Time".  He likes to pretend that he is drumming to it or playing the guitar with it. Although the Mickey Mouse guitar does not play this song he liked imagining that he was jamming to "Good Time" :)


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