Who Needs Sleep?

It has been a long week!  Last Monday we got a call from daycare saying that a little boy bit Hudson on the arm and drew blood.  So we had to take him to the Dr. to see if he needed antibiotics.  Apparently, human bites are more likely to get infected than dog bites.  Hudson has randomly been talking about biting and the little boy who bit him all week.  It was sad when I walked in to pick him up from daycare because he held up his arm and said "Bite!"  "I broken!"  Poor guy.  So far it seems to be healing fine without antibiotics.  He also decided that he did not want to take a nap for me this weekend and fighting with him to take a nap made me exhausted.  He must have not been feeling well because he woke up with a runny nose and cough.  He has had a pretty good run of being healthy this summer but I guess this is a sign that winter is around the corner.  Of course he gets sick just in time for the baby to get here.   3 more weeks (or sooner)!

 He will smile on command on occasion.

 Daddy treated him to a ride in the front seat over the weekend.  He loved it!

 Angel and Hudson watching out the window for animals in the back yard.

 Almost the same size. :)

 I can give him a paper towel and he will "clean" for at least 15 minutes inside the house.  On this day it was wet on aunt Becca's deck after the rain and he stayed out there for about 30 minutes.  


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