Last Days

I decided that I wanted to try to spend a little time with Hudson before his little brother gets here so Friday was my last day of work before starting maternity leave and Hudson's last day in his daycare classroom.  We were really sad to say goodbye to his teacher's and friends but I am excited about getting to see him more.  Who knows how this will go when there are two boys under two to take care of.  I warned them that I might be calling to drop him off there again! :)  Hudson loves his friends and teachers at daycare and it is amazing how much he has learned there.  He can count to 10 in English and Spanish, knows all of his colors, knows his ABCs and even tries to do some of the letters in sign language, He eats like a big boy at a table, takes a nap on a mat, washes his hands, knows lots of fun songs, talks constantly, and my favorite:  loves to clean up "meen up" and wipe tables thanks to Ms. Latoya.  Here are a few pictures of Hudson in his one year-old classroom.

 Hudson's favorite: Breakfast

 Circle time

 Looks like the boys are making a mess.

 His "Ria".  She has been one of his teachers since his first week at school when he was 7 months old.  He loves her so much!

 Sweet!  They said that she gave him a big kiss on the lips when she left. ;)

 He loves the ladies. :)

 Lunch time

 Nap time!
 His special cupcake snack.  They said he devoured it.  I am not surprised.

 It looks like he may have also eaten some of the paper towel :)

 Loving on his Ms. Latoya.  
 Reading the big book with Ms. Toya

 All of his friends made a card for him with their handprints.

 Ms. Maria took a nap with him on his last day. :)

Can't believe he was this little when he started there!  Time flies.  Excited to be home for a while and spend a little more time with my boys.  They grow up too fast!


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