Hudson Is 16 Months And.......

..... his baby brother or sister is 16 weeks!!!!

We are so excited to share that Hudson is going to be a big brother! I am 16 weeks pregnant and the baby is due the first week in October. Zach can't handle the unknown so we will be finding out the gender of baby McCall #2 in a few weeks.

 Big Brother!!

 Little brother or sister!  So far, I think it is a boy but there are lots of others that have a feeling that it is a girl.  

 Although the white shirt doesn't really show off the belly that well, it is very clear that my body has done this before.  I didn't really start to show a baby bump until I was around 21 weeks with Hudson and didn't really need maternity clothes until about 25 weeks.  With this pregnancy I started to notice a belly and that my clothes weren't fitting as well around 4 weeks!

 Being silly. 

It took a lot of begging to get him to pose with me.  He really wanted to draw on the chalkboard.

 All the talk about the belly made Hudson want to show his belly "Belby!". :)

 He also really loves his belly button.



rebecca said...

these turned out so cute!! good job, i love the ones where he is showing off his belly

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